iPhone 2.0

I updated my iPhone to the 2.0 software last night. Took a total of about 2 hours through iTunes. Apparently a lot of people still can’t get to the download though.

The App Store is really cool and shows a lot of potential even if all the Apps aren’t up to snuff yet. I didn’t get any of the pay ones ($10 for a iphone game? $49 to keep track of my medical records?), but here are a few free apps I downloaded:

Salesforce: Can’t get past registration. Apparently I may need a new license for my Salesforce account.

zintin: finds others running zintin in your area and tries to get you to talk to them I guess. I’m not sure what you say to the person in the coffee shop beyond, ‘cool app, hey?’

facebook: a little bit better than running it through the normal browser.

Talking Spanish: there are a ton of language translators. Most cost $, but this free one has a bunch of basic phrases that it lists in text and will say for you.

midomi: hum or sing a song into your iphone and this will tell you the song and even play the original for you.

Bank of America: A lot of bad reviews on this one, but since I hadn’t used their mobile banking site, I didn’t notice that it’s basically the same thing. It being able to tell you where the nearest BofA ATM is makes it worth the space on my screen.

The apps are a great start and the possibilities seem endless. Some other cool ones I want to grab include:

Jott: records your voice and turns it into text

WHERE: tells you what restaurants are in your vicinity, what’s going on event-wise, where the nearest ZipCar is, etc

Save Benjis: comparison shops online while you are out in the real world.

Remote: turns the iPhone into a remote for your computers iTunes.

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