Harvey Milk and Harvey Dent

It’s been almost a month since my last post. My excuses include a trip to Guatemala.

Van Sant

I attended a fantastic screening of Paranoid Park by Gus Van Sant on Friday night at the Miami Beach Cinematheque. A professor of Van Sant’s from the Rhode Island School of Design, Marian Marzynski, an accomplished filmmaker himself, spoke about Van Sant’s career and showed 3 of his school films. Paranoid Park was shown and followed by a webcast Q&A with Van Sant, who was in his editing room working on his new Harvey Milk film (which stars Sean Penn). I asked Van Sant if he had been to San Francisco much during the mid to late 70s (he lived in LA at the time) and how shooting in and about San Fran went. Van Sant said he hadn’t heard of Harvey Milk until Harvey was killed, that he hadn’t come out as a gay man yet and definitely wasn’t any sort of activist at that point. I didn’t get a chance to ask a Crime and Punishment question.

In other Harvey news, check out the wicked new look for Harvey Dent. I’m trying to contain my expectations for this movie but the first one may be my favorite comic book movie of all time, the Joker clips look fantastic and now this photo.

(thx Tati for the Harvey Dent link)

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