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Wierdest pets ever!

Monday, May 19th, 2008


Do your homework and be prepared to put with many surprises, if you consider an anteater as a pet. First of all, they don’t come cheap (up to $4,500) – and they need a special diet (unless you have an endless supply of ants, but even then, they need a supplement) Tamanduas are very loving, but just like cats, they tend to “let you” love them.


Flying the fee-filled skies

Monday, May 19th, 2008

This list is helpful. I bought a ticket to Guatemala this morning for $69 each way and I’m still trying to figure out how $69 x2 = $223!


• Second bag – $10 (AirTran); $25 (American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Northwest, United and US Airways)

• Southwest charges starting with third bag – $25


• Exit row extra legroom – $20 (AirTran); $5 to $35 (Northwest Airlines)

• Window, aisle seats in front of plane – $5 to $30 (US Airways)

• Reserving seat number in advance online – $6 (AirTran)

• Business Select early boarding – $10 to $30 more than highest fare (Southwest)

link (via consumerist)

Say it in ice, jello or butter!

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

ice trays

Choose from Letters sold as a set of 3 for $19.95, Numbers sold as a single tray for $9.95, or buy the set of Letters and Numbers for $29.90.


Gigantic environmental billboard

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Art Reef

13,000 circular modules of limestone and concrete weighing 700 pounds each will spell ‘SAVE THE REEFS’ off the coast of Miami Beach to raise awareness and create a fish habitat.

The installment will take up an area the size of 40 football fields and be visible to planes flying into MIA.

”It will be the greatest fish habitat ever created by man” said Fort Lauderdale artificial reef builder Gary Levine who is in charge of the project.