Satellite radio changes would take time

Alright, I’ve already purchased 3 Sirius radios in 2008, gotta draw the line somewhere!

The companies’ combined 17 million subscribers have radios that aren’t interoperable. Radios that can receive signals from both companies likely wouldn’t be available for at least a year after the merger – and a year or two after that for customers who get satellite radios via new car purchases.

Sounds like it’ll be another $3 for ‘the works’…

XM and Sirius say they plan to offer eight options that combine the companies’ offerings, such as a “mostly music” package with 65 channels, for $9.99 a month – less than the current flat rate of $12.95. Six of those eight options will be available on current radios.

The two “a la carte” packages that promise the most flexibility, however, will require new radios.

The cheapest “a la carte” option would offer 50 channels for $6.99 a month with additional channels costing 25 cents each, though premium choices, such as the NFL channel, would cost $3 or $6 each per month. Another “a la carte” plan would offer 100 channels for $14.99 a month.


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