“A head-on collision between Hello Kitty and Philip K. Dick”


I finally got around to watching the Japanese animated film Paprika tonight. I like how the New York Film Festival summed it up:

“If Japan’s most famous anime filmmaker is Hayao Miyazaki, the most sophisticated is probably Satoshi Kon…His new movie plays like a head-on collision between Hello Kitty and Philip K. Dick…and as the characters shuttle from dream to dream, nightmare to nightmare, Paprika becomes a thrilling tour-de-force of visual invention – every frame is packed with imagination. This delightful movie is bursting with ideas about Japanese repression, multiple identities, collective dreams and the dark side of the country’s love of Cute.”

A few sources think the bad guy looks like integral psychologist Ken Wilber.

I may have to grab a few songs from the Susumu Hirasawa soundtrack.

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