The Deuce

Club Deuce
My favorite dive bar is currently in 1st place on Esquire’s ‘The Best Bars in America’ voting. If you’ve been, stop by the link and give your support. An accurate and amusing write-up:

Presumably, you are in Miami because you are looking for trouble. At the Deuce, you will have a very good time finding it. If you’ve ever wanted to really feel the pulp, if you’ve ever wanted to get noir, like all night long, then you’re going to want to get yourself Deuced. There is, of course, a pool table. It turns from friendly to sharkish depending on who and how you play. There’s a jukebox, too. It’s filled with all the up-to-no-good classics. Finally, though, there is the bar itself, a striking horseshoe design that allows you to keep one eye on your drink and one eye on everybody in the joint. That’ll come in handy when Cameron Diaz comes in for a little late-night slumming. Or when trouble comes looking for you.

link (via miaminewtimes)

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