You lika the meat?


Martha was a vegetarian in her teens, and even wore a “Meat Is Murder” T-shirt. But by her 30s, she had started eating cow. By the time she placed the personal ad, she had come to realize that ordering steak on a first date had the potential to sate appetites not only of the stomach but of the heart.

Red meat sent a message that she was “unpretentious and down-to-earth and unneurotic,” she said. “That I’m not obsessed with my weight even though I’m thin, and I don’t have any food issues.” She added, “In terms of the burgers, it said I’m a cheap date, low maintenance.”

So what does it mean if she orders the sausage appetizer? Martha needs to realize guys are primarily concerned with her liking one particular form of meat…

link (thx bobfan)

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