I can’t drive 55

They are all pretty obvious, but it pays (literally) to remember them if you like to speed.

1. Drive within 5-10 mph of surrounding traffic
2. Try to stay in the middle of the pack
3. Find a “rabbit”
4. Do not change lanes frequently, tailgate or otherwise drive aggressively
5. Avoid the fast lane
6. Watch for cutouts and modulate your speed accordingly
7. Don’t speed when you are the only car on the road
8. If it’s OK legally, get a radar detector
9. If possible, drive a nondescript vehicle
10. Be aware that appearances count

Re: #8, I remember hearing that red cars get the highest percentage of tickets. Snopes claims this is false, but their only proof is a study of merely 924 tickets in 2 counties in Florida in 1990 conducted by a newspaper reporter and it a 14% higher ticket rate for red cars. Conclusion: I now have less faith in Snopes.

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