The Red Auerbach collection

Red Auerbach shoe

Nothing like honoring a legend with a gaudy shoe!

These limited-edition commemorative Arnold “Red” Auerbach Collection shoes honor the late Celtics patriarch for his contributions to social change and to the game of basketball. Adidas will produce only 938 pairs of shoes, one for every Auerbach win, for this special program recognizing one of the winningest coaches in NBA history. The shoe contains depictions of various Red Auerbach iconographies, including the Celtics logo, 938 wins, 16 championships, his retired #2 jersey and famous celebratory cigar. The sock liner has a parquet floor pattern to emulate the famous playing surface of the Boston Garden. It also includes famous quotes by Auerbach sublimated in kelly green. The shoe also recognizes Auerbach as a leader of social change. It includes embroidery of C50C, representing Auerbach’s drafting of the first African-American player in NBA history, Chuck Cooper, in 1950, B66R for Bill Russell becoming the NBA’s first African-American head coach in 1966, and 63-FIVE-64 representing the first all African-American starting five in league history during the 1963-64 season.

I imagine The Chief and the other legends will get their own numbers on the shoe.

Each pair of shoes is numbered through 938 starting with 00, the number Celtics Legend Robert Parish wore. Parish along with other Celtics Legends will receive their own commemorative shoes to honor the special relationships Coach Auerbach had with his players.

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