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chicken buster

With all the chickens I see around town, I figured Miami didn’t have a solution to it’s poultry problem. I knew Key West was dealing with this same problem. However, Miami is indeed on the issue and it’s answer is called ‘Chicken Busters’.

The three-man team is an offshoot of Miami’s Code Enforcement Department. Formed in April 2003, the Chicken Busters go out about twice a month to rid city streets of stray roosters, hens and chicks.

So far, they’ve taken about 8,000 birds off the street. The birds are sold to farms in South Miami-Dade, and the money — $15,000 to date, including donations — goes to city charities.

It’s illegal to keep chickens in Miami and residential neighborhoods in most municipalities. Still, some people keep them for religious traditions. A lot of the time, the fowl are simply homeless.

Here’s an amusing slideshow. The ‘busters’ look a little slow. What they need is a few of the Hmong ladies that used to buy chickens from my parent’s farm. They’d grab the biggest and meanest roosters by the feet and stuff them into a feed bag in a split second.

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