Miami PD loves drum and bass

Was fortunate enough to attend the VIRAM 2007 party for Winter Music Conference last night.

First, I saw a Miami-Dade firefighter walking around. He stood next to me for a bit, I asked if it was safe to be in the building, he replied “yeah, I’m just here for fun.” He then lit up a smoke and puffed away. A few minutes later a uniformed police officer showed up on the other side of me carrying a bag with Jamaican colors on it. I figured he’d just confiscated something. However, he started pulling candy out of it, mostly gum, and handing it out to teeth-grinders in the viscinity. Then he breaks out a glow stick, shakes it into illumination and throws it into the crowd below us! I guess the party wasn’t exciting enough for him yet. Later a female officer in a t-shirt and badge around her neck comes up to the first officer and gives him a big hug. Time for an inventory on the evidence locker….

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