Shades of hatin’

Author Bintell Powell was on The Howard Stern Show today discussing his new book Betrayed. It discusses the differences between light-skinned and dark-skinned African-Americans, Bintell says that it’s almost universal that lighter-skinned blacks discriminate and white America knows little about it. I’ve definitely heard these claims before and see it often here in South Florida with various hispanic groups, especially among lighter-skinned Cubans.

From the front of today, Black America cool on Obama. Related? Somehow Obama trails Clinton by 15-20 points among black voters. Also puzzling, blacks are less likely to believe America is ready for a black president.

UPDATE 2/28/2007: Apparently a day makes a big difference, CNN now has on their front page “Black America starting to embrace Obama.” They cite a new poll which gives Obama a 44 to 33 percent lead over Clinton among black voters. Sounds like some shitty polling is going down.

UPDATE 3/1/2007:Another day, another article title: Does black America embrace Obama?

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