Burning down the house (not)

smoke detector

How often do you actually check your smoke detector batteries? Never? Well worry not as this puppy needs none. Simply screw it into any light socket and it self-charges. An added bonus, you can silence it by flipping the light switch, which I hope doesn’t mean the lights have to be on for it to work.

It’s a ionization type detector and apparently there’s two types, here’s what the dupont site taught me:

    “There are two basic types of smoke detectors – Ionization type and Photoelectric type.

    -Ionization type smoke alarms are more effective at detecting smoke from fast, flaming fires which consume combustible material rapidly and spread quickly.
    -Photoelectric-type smoke alarms are more effective at detecting smoke from slow, smoldering fires that typically develop over a long period of time, producing smoke with little heat before bursting into flames.

    For added protection install both types of smoke alarms in your home.”

Oh, and use your best Borat impression for the title of this post.

link (via gearlive)

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