The myth of maximum megapixels


Recently a few members of the press have been fighting the rumor of ‘bigger is better’, pushed by camera sellers.

from The New York Times:

    “NYT’s David Pogue blogged about a Discovery Channel TV show he taped recently (which will air in February), in which he had a professional photo lab print out 13-, 8-, and 5-megapixel photos at 16″ by 24″. Then they posted the photos in Times Square in New York, and asked passersby to say which was best — a kind of megapixel taste test. NOBODY COULD TELL THE DIFFERENCE.”


    “Each amateur photographer has a pixel count “sweet spot” that best suits his photography style and abilities. For most people, that’s somewhere in the 4-to-6-megapixel range. Above that, however, increasing the number of pixels generally reduces the quality of pictures.”

(via the raw feed)

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