Dog saves woman, dies trying to help cat

Fire dogs

    “She (Jesse) got the shoulder of my pajamas and pulled me out of the smoke and then up to where the door was,” Hanson, 49, said Monday during a press conference at the Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center.”When I got up to the doorway, I heard the cat and before I could grab (Jesse), she ran up to get the cat and then I screamed and I screamed for her, but then I just heard her whine and then I didn’t hear anything more,” Hanson said.

    Hanson got Jesse when the dog was 4 months old, she said. When Hanson lost her leg, she trained Jesse to assist her.

The above is not a picture of Jesse the dog, but a light hearted photo was needed after reading this sad story. RIP Jesse.
link (via cnn)

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