Born of Moonshine

Driving with the Devil

Driving with the Devil
Southern Moonshine, Detroit Wheels, and the Birth of NASCAR
Written by Neal Thompson

A history of how NASCAR came to be. Moonshiners running from the Feds needed fast cars and even better driving skills. Many things today’s corporate NASCAR doesn’t like to acknowledge. And perhaps solving the great Chevy vs Ford debate, it’s revealed that the first car of choice was the Ford V-8.

Some other interesting revelations:
-The South didn’t have pro sports(which obviously helped racing grow) until the Braves moved to Atlanta in 1965.
-The early Daytona track was just A1A and the actual beach.
-The first champion, Red Byron, had to have his badly damaged leg(WW II) attached to his clutch.

link (via NPR, The Diane Rehm Show)

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